In September 2015 the Bay City Rollers - Les McKeown, Alan Longmuir and Stuart ‘Woody’ Wood - announced to the world and ecstatic Bay City Roller fans that they were back! A UK tour was announced and the first of these shows after so many years away had to be at the iconic home of Scottish Rock’n’Roll... the Barrowland Ballroom in Glasgow!
One show was released…it sold out in 3 minutes. A further 3 shows announced...all sold out in 9 minutes…a Barrowland record!

The stage was set for a momentous Tartan Rollermania Reunion!

We captured the magic on film... the excitement, the atmosphere and the sheer joy of the thousands of fans who had waited so many years to finally see their teen idols Les, Woody and Alan play live together again. Many travelled thousands of miles from Japan, the US, Canada, Germany, even Australia! ..and of course from Bonnie Scotland and across the UK…all couldn’t wait to relive their youth and passion for one the biggest bands the world has ever seen.
The Bay City Rollers took the world by storm in the 70’s selling over 120 million records….and Rollermania was well and truly back on the 20th December 2015 at the Barrowlands!

Watch pre-gig footage of the fans in a euphoric state queued around the block as the wait is almost over! Hear them chant "B.A.Y - B.A.Y - B.A.Y.C.I.T.Y with an R.O.double L.E.R.S Bay city Rollers are the best"!!! with all their might as the band strut onto the stage in front of a jam packed Barrowland Ballroom! From the first chord of “Summer Love Sensation” to the fever pitch Rock’n'Roll classic “Shang-a-Lang” and the tearful but joyous “Bye Bye Baby” we knew this night was going to be special .. and it was!!!

Lead singer Les said after the show, “I was lost in sea of happy smiling faces. I was back in 1975! Our fans are the best. Tonight was so emotional, from my heart I thank you for this wonderful night “

Woody said “ To walk out to that thunderous welcome had me awe struck! I will never forget this night as long as I live... from start to finish the fans never stopped screaming. They love this band and these songs, and we love them. ”

Founding member Alan said "Playing our Hits 40 years on and the fans are still with us, singing, dancing and waving their scarfs in the air. It was crazy! It took me back and I had tears in my eyes. Thank you to our fans!”

Now you can relive that magical reunion show... All the Hits from the Bay City Rollers, timeless classics played live in an unbelievable atmosphere in a sea of Tartan!…plus extra footage from the historic event.
Nothing lasts forever...but this night will live in your heart for a very long time!
A must have memoir for all Bay City Rollers fans!